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Unofficial Reunion 
08:57pm 02/07/2007
mood: hopeful
There is an unofficial multi-year reunion of Chess & Games Club happening in Denver over Labor Day weekend 2007. Any interested parties? Planning is happening on the CNG Alum page on Yahoo. Or get ahold of me or DuJour. The sooner the better; we're in RSVP stages for room planning.

Hope to see anyone and everyone there!
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Cornell Professor David Loebsack to Run for Senate 
03:34pm 31/08/2005
  I couldn't find a link on the cornellcollege.edu web site, but I did hear that headline as I drove home this afternoon. If anyone is able to dig up details and/or suggest what quality candidate he might turn out to be, I'd love to hear your opinions!  
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Anyone even see this anyway? 
10:08pm 30/07/2005
the devil perverted me beyond my wildest dreams.
what did it do to you.
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Wednesday Nights, School Supplies? 
09:24am 27/04/2005
  Howdy, Rams!

Some of us old-timers are looking for both retired and current members of the esteemed Box of Crayons organization (and its subsidiaries).

If you know what I'm talking about and you ARE one of these folks (or you know how we can get ahold of them) please reply to the friends only post on my main page and we'll go from there.

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09:41pm 30/03/2005
  Hey everyone!

I attended Cornell from '97 to '99 and now find myself in Ithaca, NY - home of the *other* Cornell. You can only imagine the confused looks I get when I explain my college history. Thankfully, there are a handful of other Cornell College alums living here to help.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello. :)
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09:52pm 12/01/2005
  Wow, so people joined this, but don't type anything? How silly! I totally randomly found my way here somehow, but yay. Does anyone know any alumn who have migrated to the San Diego area?

Class of 2002
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Christening of a new community. 
05:04am 14/07/2004
mood: excited
I hope many alums find their way here if only just to add themselves to a growing list. Welcome!
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